Breaking it up.

2011-02-17 - 14:23:08

If you give it a minute it's wrong
If you give it a minute it's gone
If we're just waiting a second too long
Darling I'll leave and you won't come along

So give me the reason to stay

Give me the reason to wait
You know I don't look to get caught
'Cause darling we're here but my true love is not

Breaking it up, before it's on

Breaking it up, it's already gone
Breaking it up, I didn't mean to fraud
Breaking it up

I might be there

If you're going abroad I can't help you
If you're crossing the street I might be there

And I call you baby I will and I do

Persuade you in though I know that we're through
I let you think that I'm yours when I'm not
Keep you here though I'm ready to drop the last line
Postat av: Nathalie

ja det var det också^^

jag har lagt upp 6 snygga väskor från zara! har du någon favorit?:D

2011-02-17 - 16:37:31
Postat av: EMMI - modeblogg

- Ja köp det! älskar de från calli, bra tips=)

2011-02-17 - 18:17:48

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